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St Mark's meets every Sunday at our 8.30am,10.30am and 5pm services.

We provide an online service at 10.30am every Sunday for those who can’t or are unwilling to attend. click on this link.



St Mark's Malabar is an evangelical Christian church in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Our mission is to see "Every person made new in Christ, mature in Christ, making Christ known".

Everyone is welcome at St Mark’s. You’ll find that we are a community of diverse people, from many countries, and at different stages in our relationship with God. Some are just exploring their beliefs, some are new followers of Christ, while others have known Christ as their Lord and Saviour for decades. From newborns to seniors we have groups and activities for all ages.


The vast majority of people living in Australia think there is a greater spiritual power, but very few are confident in their spiritual beliefs. At St Mark’s Malabar we love nothing more than talking with people about these important questions. We believe the answers are found in the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth and so we invite you to come and find out more about the Lord Jesus Christ, who is at the centre of, and the reason behind, all that we do.

the book of numbers

Term 3 2023 the St Mark's sermon series will be on 'Wilderness Walk', The book of Numbers. Click here to download the study booklet.

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For more information email

Mobile Community pantry

every second Friday
10AM to 11am
in the church carpark
Upcoming 2023 dates:-

Sept 29
Oct 13,27
Nov 10,24
Dec 8

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